Trinity Arts - LIVE!
A Monthly Evening of Excellent Music, Art & Poetry
Making Friends ------------- Creating Community

Doors open: 6:00pm Admission: FREE
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Trinity Arts - LIVE!
September 8th at 7pm
We Will Present More Arts Entertainment
Than The Law Allows... For Free
This time we simply can't afford to list too many details (know whadda mean). The most qualified Suspicious & Unusual Suspects we've rounded up to pull this job off are:
  • Faint Image (the notorious Richard & Vicki Blackwell) our extraordinary House Band, aka The FIXERS
  • Andie Collard, our new Resident Artist, aka QUEEN of the CANVAS
  • Kirk Thurmond/Band, an exquisite, transforming jazz/blues/fusion squad, aka The MAGICIANS
  • Uryon Adams, astounding child prodigy keyboardist, aka KID BEETHOVEN (Don't mess with this guy!)
  • Molly Bush, aka  Miz MOLLYWOOD (it's her cover, sh-h-h-h); wonderful, emerging singer/songwriter
  • Gary Brown, aka (Can't disclose it) ...fugettaboutit, nobody can't never pin nothin' on him
  • Julie Poe, aka Sister Surreptitious, Host and Known Ringleader of a band of flagrant poets such as Gail Atwater and rumored to be bringing a spontaneous gang of roving OPEN MIC poets, as well.  (Bring your bodyguard... and your poetry)
  • Michael Smith, the brilliant yet deceptively unassuming maestro of all things audio/video/groovy-o (aka Dr. Tek) launches the: VIDEO WALL of the SECOND (or is it the Third?) UNIVERSE
Sh-h-h-h-h.  Don't blow our cover... just flash the buzz around on your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and email lists!  Bring your friends and cameras (if you dare)! 
[Secret Password at the door is:  YGMBDIERHF756LJFD*B  
  Pronounced: YGMBDIERHF756LJFD*B]
We will be updating our web/blog page and Facebook very soon at: and
The Details:
Trinity Arts - LIVE!
A Monthly Evening of Excellent Music, Art & Poetry
Making Friends ------------- Creating Community
FAINT IMAGE Mini-Concert kicks off at 7pm!
Doors open: 6:15pm Admission: FREE
All on-street parking FREE after 6pm!Backbeat Cafe & Listening
300 North Akard Street
Dallas, TX 75201
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Contact us at: TrinityArtsLive@gmail.comFollow us on Facebook:
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ENJOY...if you have the courage!!

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