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Making Friends ------------- Creating Community

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Trinity Arts - LIVE!
A fun evening of excellent music, poetry, visual arts and friends.

FIRST A SUMMARY: We have to give credit where due and WOW... what a fantastic show last month! ROBERT GOTCHER simply grabbed the entire room and rocked!  Check out his web site for a review of it and more info:  URYON ADAMS wowwed the house with his dazzling skills as a composer and pianist, despite only being 12 years old!  FAINT IMAGE again brought a level of class and beauty and professionalism to the show that just keeps you begging for more and more.  Surprise Poets offered many thought provoking pieces.  THANK YOU ALL!

Wait til you see our line-up for THIS WEDNESDAY at the Backbeat Cafe & Listening Room!   What a REALLY GREAT (Free) SHOW with at least THREE (3) EXTRA SPECIAL NEW HAPPENINGS... in addition to the incredible talent you have come to expect. (This would be gratuitous over-hype if it simply wasn't true.)
Listen Up:  In addition to the extraordinary treat of hearing regional legend FAINT IMAGE (Richard and Vicki Blackwell) and
the incredibly talented child prodigy pianist, composer and our friend, 12 year old  URYON ADAMS and
the wonderful sounds of dual guitarists/singers:  DAVID HOOTEN & DARIN JONES and
the unclassifiable, vertical classical guitar playing singer/songwriter GARY BROWN and
an eclectic mix of contributing poets, this month we also have:
  • Our Feature Performer: SPENCER GARLAND playing his LAST "FAREWELL DALLAS" SHOW before moving to L.A. to find fame and fortune and who-knows-what!  Let's send him off with all the love we can throw at him!
  • Our Feature Visual Artist: ANDIE COLLARD who will be painting LIVE (a first for Trinity Arts - LIVE!)!
AND... (WAIT!  How can there possibly be MORE you ask?)
IT'S B-A-A-A-ACK!  The VIDEO WALL returns! All night long, on the wall next to the stage we will be playing the most incredible set of vintage videos from 1898-1903 that you have NEVER seen.  Really!  We (Michael Smith) have seamed together 58 of Edison's very first film clips with 22 of the very first black & white TV commercials to run silently ALL NIGHT LONG!  Should be quite the experience.

Flash the buzz on your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and email lists!  Bring your friends and cameras! 

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The Wonderful Details:
Trinity Arts - LIVE!
A Monthly Evening of Excellent Music, Art & Poetry
Making Friends ------------- Creating Community
FAINT IMAGE Mini-Concert kicks off at 7pm!
Doors open: 6:15pm Admission: FREE
All on-street parking FREE after 6pm!
Backbeat Cafe & Listening Room
300 North Akard Street
Dallas, TX 75201
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