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Friday, March 5, 2010

The MARCH 2010 Show is here!

Welcome to the great show we have for March

Trinity Arts - LIVE!

A fun evening of excellent music, top notch poetry and friends.

LET'S RECAP: What a great show in February.  It seemed just a like the whole place became one giant, comfy, intimate living room!  The performers/artists included house favorites:  Faint Image (Richard & Vicki Blackwell), Uryon Adams and Gary Brown along with our Featured Artists: Cory Denson, David Hooten and  a Double Special appearance of Ron Davison as he accompanied Faint Image on percussion  and was our Poet for the evening.  Wonderful visual art by photographer Chip Redd filled our Electronic Gallery all night.  Videopoetry via Rant & Rave added just the final touch to a complete a full evening of entertainment.  A very SPECIAL THANK YOU goes out to Julie Poe who stepped in as our highly entertaining HOST for the evening.  Hard to imagine such a monthly venue... for FREE, isn't it.

And... Thank YOU.  It takes so much work from a lot of people to make each show possible.  Your attendance makes it all worthwhile.  Every single person who shows up to our shows, perhaps even bringing friends along, is deeply appreciated.  Thank you to everyone for coming out to support these artists with your presence.


In our unique non-stop performance style you can expect to see our Host, Justin Nygren introducing these performers:

Faint Image (Richard & Vicki Blackwell) delivering an opening mini-concert and playing in varying capacities throughout the show.

David Hooten, Singer, Songwriter and Poet

Gary Brown, Singer, Songwriter and Poet

Featured Poet: Darryl Ratcliff.  YES!  A full set! (This was supposed to be a Mystery Guest but is one secret I just can't keep.)

Featured Videographer:  Alison Starr.  Catch two of her new, short video works inserted during the night!

Electric Poetry:  The Rant & Rave Videopoetry was so popular we are featuring more of  it throughout the evening!

Featured Visual Art:  World art photography will be displayed in our Electronic Gallery all night long. 

AND OUR FEATURE PERFORMER... BREAKING LIGHT!!! You will simply be amazed.   Described as a polyphonic spacial experience, this artist's work will allow you to simply sit back and explore your imagination.

This month's "Cause for Awareness and Support"  is the newly founded Shirts=Awesome venture founded by Justin Nygren with a special emphasis on theirinnovative and cantagious Haiti Relief efforts.  (HINT: The increasingly popular "This Shirt Equals Help For Haiti" t-shirts will be available.)

Oh.  If that weren't enough: At each show we are also conducting a drawing for a Gift Card for FREE COFFEE courtesy of the Backbeat Cafe & Listening Room .    :-)

Whew.  And again, as usual... can you believe all  of this is FREE??!!!  Great artists. Great art. A fantastic community of instant friends and much FUN. HEY: This is the best deal going! Please do yourself a big treat and support these artists simply by your presence.

Street parking in downtown Dallas after 6pm is also FREE!!!

This entire night is our gift to you. PLEASE:  Tell your friends (and bring your cameras!) and they will love you forever and so will our artists.  NOTE:  Please email us your photos so we can share them with our growing online community.  We hope to soon begin posting them here and on our Facebook page.

NOW... The Facts:

The Door Opens at 6:15pm.

The SHOW starts at 7:00pm and goes "non-stop"until around 10 - 10:15pm. Hey, it's a week night so we won't go too late.

WHERE : The Backbeat Cafe and Listening Room,

300 N. Akard St., Dallas, TX 75202 (click HERE for directions)

WHEN : Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why Do We Do This?

This is a wonderful, fun-filled event designed to accomplish a few things.  First: We love to bring great artist related efforts and causes to the public's attention.  You really do need to know of these efforts and causes and the ways you can personally support them.  Originally, we promoted and raised support for the Trinity Arts Conference ( ).  They are perhaps the most unique arts community you will ever encounter however, they have recently determined to take the year of 2010 off; call it a Year of Jubilee.  So, each month we are now promoting and educating folks regarding a different, worthwhile effort, cause or project, typically involving one or more artists within our own community.  (What a great idea, eh?)  In coming months, be prepared to learn of the some of the most interesting and "support worthy" things happening within and around our arts community!

Second:  We are all about building and growing community.  When you arrive... you become family.   We offer amazing and very diverse artists an excellent venue where they can share their creations with a diverse, constantly expanding, attentive and appreciative audience; often one they would not typically find on their own.  What a great combination.

And... we offer you the most fast-paced and diverse monthly venue for stimulating arts entertainment that you will find in the metroplex.  Constantly changing, every show is designed to hopefully introduce you to something new.  It is the PERFECT mid-week complement to your week-end arts schedules.

What a deal.  Bring a date, spouse, family, friend or total stranger.  If you desire, please feel free to just drop whatever you may want into the "Mailbox at the Door" for the causes you want to support (a tip jar for the house band will also be available). Please come out and support these artists who are volunteering their time and talents for this most excellent event.

Your being there... makes our night!

*PLEASE pass this announcement on to: Everyone!

For additional questions, information or to be added to this arts related email list please send your contact info to:

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